By: PawWire
Jan 19, 2024 10:33 AM

What was the inspiration behind Primalvore?

My dog, Smokey was getting rashes on his belly. I was working with bone broth products for people and worked to create one formulated specifically for dogs and cats.


How does your brand differ from other industry brands in the same category?

We focus on being a carnivore product, no vegetables, with as few ingredients as possible, each one serving a purpose. Our meat broth is loaded with naturally occurring collagen and key amino acids.


What gives you the competitive edge?

We fortify our broth with collagen peptides backed by a clinical study that minimized hip and joint issues in senior dogs within 12 weeks.


Describe the ingredients you look for in the products you use.

As few as possible. Protein-based, no preservatives or additives, functional, clean ingredients. 


"Surround yourself with competent people!"


Walk us through your development process — from ideation to the product we see on the shelf.

Ideation is based on product type (treat, supplement, etc.), flavor profile, function, and then design. Once ideation is complete prototypes are developed and shared for review. Once a gold standard version of a product is complete, packaging design begins, and samples of the product are sent to a 3rd party lab for nutrition and claim validation (this info will later go onto the package). Once packaging is approved and printed, ingredients are ordered, and the first batches are shipped to our channel partner's distribution centers to be sold nationwide.


What are some things you take into consideration during the creation of new products?

It must be human grade. We avoid fads. We want function and flavor; too many products are one or the other; we believe you can have both. From a flavor perspective, the product must be very aromatic and smell meaty; pets rely on their sense of smell more than direct taste.


Other than Primalvore, what is something you are passionate about?

Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Grilling. I want my soon-to-be brand of products, Spice and Fire Sauces and Spice Rubs, to be the first brand on SAUCEWIRE.


What is one major lesson you learned about running a business?

Surround yourself with competent people!


What are some challenges you have overcome with Primalvore?

Supply chain shortage during covid, slow start due to lack of marketing knowledge, at times moving too fast and others, not fast enough.


"Primalvore is far from the least expensive product of its type on the market, but that was never our goal. We are focused on only premium inputs to create the best possible product."


What would you say is your most effective marketing channel?

We just brought on our first marketing team member, so not much to share here. From a sales channel perspective, I would say Amazon has helped put us on the map. Has it changed over time? I would say we are incredibly lucky; we have done little to no advertising and yet the brand continues to grow. We do, however, understand the need to activate a proper marketing strategy, and we believe partnering with PawWire will be a win for us in that colum


Give us the backstory of your brand’s name.

I believe that dogs and cats are naturally carnivorous but can also enjoy the benefits of good, functional ingredients as well. Primalvore is PRIMAL eating for the CARNIVOROUS animal.


What would you like to see for Primalvore future?

Launching a full line of meat-based supplements.


What do you think is the most prominent concern in the pet industry?

Ingredient integrity. There have been suppliers whose ingredients have caused injury to pets. We vet our suppliers very carefully and on a regular basis. Primalvore is far from the least expensive product of its type on the market, but that was never our goal. We are focused on only premium inputs to create the best possible product.