Auto Bark Controller


Designer Name: BARK BEGONE

Dog Barking Solutions That Work

If your dog barks all day while you're at work then worry no longer. No more noise complaints; and certainly no more tired dogs after a hard day of barking all morning. Take pleasure in knowing that while you're away, your home is protected, and while you’re there you’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet in all areas of your house.


  • Ultrasonic frequency is safer than traditional shock bark deterrents
  • High pitched ultrasound only dogs can hear
  • Up to 50 meter range
  • Specifications: 5.6 in. x 3.25 in. x 3.2 in., 6.38 Ounces

How To Use:

  • How To Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone: The easiest way to stop dog barking when you leave your home is to plug in an Automatic Bark Control. The device's proprietary sensors pick up on the audible frequencies from your dog's bark. When that third bark is detected, the device emits an audible reminder letting your dog know that it's time to stop barking, and start paying attention.
  • When creating the device we wanted to make sure that playful dog barks wouldn't be infringed upon by the Automatic Bark Controller. That's why it's specially designed to come in and stop the dog in its tracks after three aggressive barks. This makes it a great plug in bark deterrent that fits perfectly in your home or in your backyard.
  • If the dogs bark when you leave or something goes by that's guaranteed to make your dog howl, the automatic bark control does the job perfectly when you're away. That's why we wholeheartedly recommend to pair this with the Bark Begone Anti Barking Device, the sooner your dog recognizes the sound, the better your best bud will be with our automatic bark begone.