EasySpray Tearless Shampoo


Designer Name: DUKE-N-BOOTS

Duke-N-Boots Easy Spray Tearless Pet Shampoo is the perfect solution to any dog or pet owner that dreads giving their dog a bath. With the new tearless pet shampoo formula, you can ensure a great clean for your dog, all while making the job easier on you, the owner. Duke-N-Boots sulfate-free formula provides a pleasant fragrance all while being mild on your dog’s skin.

This formula does not include any artificial dyes or colorants to ensure a natural clean to your dog’s skin.

The Easy Spray technology allows you to apply the shampoo evenly on your dog, especially when it is moving around. The EasySpray nozzle creates a rich foam clean by being evenly dispensed out of the bottle and onto the fur of your pet. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing any shampoo from our solution. Make bath time easier for you and your pet, all while ensuring a great clean that will make both you and your dog satisfied!