Small Dog's Leash


Designer Name: TRIO

Designed for Fun-Sized Bundles of Joy (Great for dogs up to 50 Pounds).

Our products are all made of 85% waste material. 60% is purely used fish nets rescued from the oceans.

Crafted from 75 grams of rescued ghost nets sourced from Pakistani oceans, our dog leashes and toys are a testament to sustainability. Fishermen extract and clean the nets before women artisans take over, weaving them into our products. By repurposing damaged denim, typically destined for landfills, we provide a protective casing. The robust ropes are entwined with vibrant cord, featuring denim and rubber handles for a comfortable grip.

Our inaugural leash prioritises strength, longevity, and sustainability, forming the cornerstone of our brand’s ethos. Tailored for larger dogs, these leashes epitomize durability.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Ghost nets, Denim, Cord
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Length: 4.5 feet
  • Colors: Purple, Multicolored, Blue, Red, & Pink