Smudgelord Toothbrush


Designer Name: RYERCAT

The Dual Sided RYERCAT Toothbrush is made using PLA, a natural polymer derived from cornstarch, which serves as an eco-friendly substitute for petroleum-based plastics. This material choice ensures that our toothbrush is not hazardous to the environment.

The bristles on the round head are made from nylon, which provides a soft and gentle brushing experience for cats. On the other hand, the pick side of the toothbrush features stiffer bamboo bristles. These bamboo bristles are soaked in charcoal to enhance their antimicrobial properties, effectively neutralizing bacteria present on the bristles.

By utilizing these materials and incorporating charcoal, our toothbrush aims to provide a safe and effective oral hygiene solution for cats. The use of natural polymers and environmentally friendly components further supports the claim that our toothbrush is not hazardous and promotes sustainability in pet care.


  • Feline: Design based on feline anatomy.
  • Micro Head: The smallest toothbrush head ever with SUPER SOFT bristles!
  • Sustainable: Made of sustainable cornstarch.
  • Infused: Charcoal-infused bristles to neutralize bacteria.