Walking Kit


Designer Name: ARCHIE & ALFRED

The Complete Everyday Dog Walking Kit includes dog walking essentials to make you feel comfortable and confident leaving your house with your dog. Supplying you with all the gear needed for your adventures with your dog.

Each product is made from neoprene for comfort and lined with nylon for extra strength and support. You and your dog will look good in the durable, high quality materials and the stylish looks of this complete dog walking set.


  • Everyday Dog Harness: Our Everyday Harness was designed with the daily needs of your dog in mind. Fully adjustable and made from a soft neoprene fabric lined with nylon, our harness provides maximum comfort and strength for your dog. Featuring three separate leash attachment points, our Everyday Harness has a D-ring on each side of the back for easy walking, and a ring on the chest to help prevent pulling. With an additional nylon handle on the back of the harness, you will have extra control when your dog is particularly excited. Plus, an added front pocket that is perfect for storing all of your dog's essential accessories such as treats.The front pocket is scaled to the harness size and is removable if it doesn't fit your dogs current needs.
  • Everyday Dog Collar: The Everyday Collar provides your dog with maximum comfort and support, while the soft fabric makes it gentle on your pup’s skin. This collar is made from neoprene and reinforced with nylon throughout, this collar is made to last. The D-ring allows for secure attachment of your dog’s name tag and leash, while the buckle attachment ensures that it will stay the size you set it at.
  • Everyday Dog Leash with Attachable Poop Bag Holder: Our Everyday Dog Leash and Poop Bag Holder is the perfect dog leash for daily adventures with your pooch. Made out of a durable nylon wrapped in neoprene to provide comfort and support for you and your canine. We even added an extra gripping loop at the top for extra support and control while you walk your dog.


  • Color: Matcha
  • Harness Size Options: Small, Medium, Large
  • Collar Size Options: Small, Medium, Large